Institute Under Ministry Other Than MHRD

Posted on September 11, 2022 at 7:47 pm

Specific interest are Institutes of Importance. Institutions which are set by minsistries. They receive special recognition. S.No Ministry Department Name […]

Premier Institutions Of India

Posted on at 7:45 pm

The higher education system in India includes both private and public universities. Public universities are supported by the Government of […]

Premier Schools Of India

Posted on at 7:44 pm

Right to Primary Education (also elementary education) is a fundamental right in India. It is the duty of the Government […]

Private Universities

Posted on at 7:43 pm

Private universities not operated by governments, although many receive tax breaks, public student loans, and grants. Depending on their location, private […]

Deemed Universities

Posted on at 7:42 pm

Deemed university, or Deemed-to-be-University, is a status of autonomy granted by the Department of Higher Education in the Union Human […]

State Universities

Posted on at 7:40 pm

The University Grants Commission (UGC), draws its power from the University Grants Commission Act, 1956. In addition, 15 Professional Councils […]

Central Universities

Posted on at 7:06 pm

A central university or a union university in India is established by Act of Parliament and are under the purview […]


Posted on at 7:05 pm

The higher education system in India includes both private and public universities. Public universities are supported by the Government of […]

State Boards Of Eduction

Posted on at 7:05 pm

S. No States Name of Board Syllabus 1 Andhra Pradesh Board of intermediate education  (Andhra Pradesh)Board of secondary education (Andhra […]

Central Board

Posted on at 7:04 pm

Different Education Boards In India In India, Education is managed both by both the Union Government and the states, with […]

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